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omar is so totally a jerk


Omar Angulo is a big fat jerk who's been working in the graphics field since 1993.

A graphic artist, illustrator, designer and noise maker documentarian with the ability to draw from a wide array of influences like film, music, history, subculture, rocket science and brain surgery.

Based in Miami, Florida, Omar Angulo's art is a graphic combination of mark making, music, comics, film and design. Since the 1990's he has collaborated with artists, labels, and promoters to create album art, custom packaging, and limited edition collectible art and merchandise. Omar is perhaps best known for his punk rock album covers and his poster art for bands across the musical spectrum including artists such as Against All Authority, Alice Cooper, Bad Brains, Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Odd Future, Skrillex, The Cool Kids, Danzig, Dethklok, Gogol Bordello, The Melvins, The Misfits, Q-Tip, Subhumans, Ted Nugent, Lightning Bolt and many others...

He could be found drawing, making comics, posters or putting out music with his label Audio Electric under one of the many alias' that fall under The PRJCT13 (documentarian projects).




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