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prjct13 Transmission 10 Method to Madness
prjct13 Transmission 09 9/11+3
PRJCT13 Transmission 07 Grandmaster Flashback 02
PRJCT13 Transmission 07 Grandmaster Flashback 02
PRJCT13 Transmission 06 Grandmaster Flashback 1
PRJCT13 Transmission 05 "Lunar/Lyndon Lander"
PRJCT13 Transmission04 "In the Bush"
PRJCT13 Transmission 03 SHIT system services broadcast
PRJCT13 Transmission02 Live@the Redbreasat Inn
PRJCT13Transmission01 lilbuddy6mix33




DIY, Abstract experimental electronics, Dj mixes.

I have always been interested in music in more than just being a fan, from running "Shit system services distribution" with Emil and putting on punk picnics (w/Chuck and crew) in the early 90's to donating my work for friends bands demo tapes and self released records.

I began recording under the name AUDIONAUT in 1996 creating a soundtrack for an indoor art installation and have since also performed and recorded as: GardenWarden as well as collaborated under the names: Living Stereo, Garmonbozia(6713), Lmnt6, Manufactura', ovrwrkt@krblnka and LSDJ's.

In 1997, I began a project named AUDIO ELECTRIC to document the experimental electronic works my friends and I were conducting through our own improvised analog methods.

I ran an online radio show named The PRJCT13 Transmissions where I spun under the name DjADNT with live online sets and released a series of open genre mixes(2002 - 04) that are now available online in conjunction with Audio Electric online resource

The PRJCT13 Transmissions

Transmission 10: Method to Madness
Transmission 09: 9/11+3
Transmission 08: Grandmaster Flashback 3
Transmission 07: Grandmaster Flashback 2
ansmission 06: Grandmaster Flashback 1
Transmission 05: Lunar/Lyndon Lander
Transmission 04: In the Bush
Transmission 03: SHIT Systems Services Broadcast
Transmission 02: Live@the RedBreast Inn 1945
Transmission 01: Lilbuddy6mix33

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