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Primates Everywhere!

Schmuck "There's Nothing To Say"
SCHMUCK sheds a brutally honest light on 20-something relationships. Adam Kessler, our “hero,” is based on Kushner, ten years ago – a pop-culture-obsessed photographer torn between pleasing Mom by finding a “nice Jewish girl,” and figuring out what he really wants. His internal monologue is filled with the standard inane, perverted and self-deprecating thoughts we all have but are ashamed to admit. Meanwhile, his shit-talking, sex-obsessed Brooklyn boys stand by with their own, often wacky, advice.

Primates Everywhere!

Primates Everywhere
"Where a British Rocker and a mysterious lady with a cool car have to fight their way through a whole lot of Monkey Business to attempt a daring escape from LA..."
Written by Chris Miskiewicz, illustrated by Omar Angulo



Hurricane Wilma
(or how I stopped Hating and Learned to Love my Neighbor)

A short story of invasive species and neighbors coming together through natural disaster.

Dedicated to Lulita Kitty, Viviane Gibb, Norma and Murray. May you lounge in Peace



The Wanderer (In Development)
Here is some of the background work for my new short in the epic Man-Machine

Love Letter (In Development)
A Sneak Peak into the story developed by Juan Oyarzun and Omar Angulo...

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