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wanderer story boards

The Wanderer development art

 Wanderer development art


The Wanderer in:

"The Wanderer" is a character within the epic online comic "Man-Machine" There are two books online, Praepositio and The Name of the Father check them out now!

What happens when you combine an intense political climate, the first Iraq war, globalization, hyper-capitalism, the Iliad and Aneid? These are some of the initial elements that lead to the work of Man-Machine. Oh yea, did I mention they are FREE? The story also has an optional soundtrack for crying out loud! How fresh is that?
Read it Here:

One of the things that really attracted me to this character is how in the one scene we see him in (book 2, vs Jim) he is just a man with a spear using animals to fight against a killer droid!! (that really did it for me! lol)

Ive been looking at a lot of westerns in developing this, as well as anything dessert related. We discussed a general story and he has let me go from there, so it has been very exciting to be able to explore within his world and share in telling one of its many stories.

This story will start popping up online page by page in the next few months.
Stay tuned! Catch up to the story so far

 Wanderer development art
story boards, and character development for "The Wanderer"
Smart Artillery, dessert foliage, old CorporateWar surplus artillery









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