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john waters "this filthy world" poster

"This Filthy World"
An evening with JOHN WATERS

new 7 color print for an appearance by Director John Waters.
Illustration by Omar. Layout, color seps and printing by Chuck Loose with help from Alex and Pedro, world’s coolest interns at Iron Forge Press

I have some of these available signed by me in the shop

John Waters process by Omar Angulo

Light in the Attic records posters by Omar Angulo and Iron Forge Press

Light In the Attic Records ten year Anniversary shows

A two poster set (4 ink colors each) for Light in the Attic Records upcoming ten year anniversary shows at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, and the Showbox at the Market in Seattle. A design collaboration between myself (illustration) and Chuck Loose (lettering, coloring, layout and printing).

Check out some of the artists on this great label

Light in the Attic records posters process work

My new web comic on

Primates Everywhere!

Everywhere returns to ACTIVATEcomix for it's Second Season with PRIMATES EVERYWHERE!!! "Everywhere" is a monthly web-comic anthology published exclusively at ACTIVATEcomix in which you wake up to find that millions of animals have appeared Everywhere around the world at the same moment. What happens and what does it mean when the natural world has gone wrong?

"Where a British Rocker and a mysterious lady with a cool car have to fight their way through a whole lot of Monkey Business to attempt a daring escape from LA..."
Written by Chris Miskiewicz, Art by Omar Angulo

Read Primates Everywhere on

Omar Angulo is NOT a Tea Party Member

Audionaut "Requiem for Cats"
Limited Edition CD Release
with Elegua Records and Audio Electric

I am proud to announce the release of my cd "Requiem for Cats" with my long time friend and collaborator David Font and his label ELEGUA RECORDS.

Audionaut "Requiem for Cats"
6 tracks (Over 60 mins)
100 Limited Edition 2 color Hand screened packages
with 3 color silkscreen insert print signed and numbered
w/full color insert
from Elegua and Audio Electric records

available here for Listening / Purchasing (physical and digital format)

the enemy of my friend is my enemy my friend

BUGS Limited Edition Tshirt

Almost SOLD OUT!
2nd Edition Limited Edition T-Shirt Collaboration w/ IronForge press

The SECOND RUN of Limted edition T-shirts are almost sold out!!

pack includes discharge-printed 40s 100% fashion cut cotton jersey in various Men’s and Women’s sizes.

available for purchase in the shop

Limited Edition Tshirt with IronForge Press
Limited Edition Tshirt with IronForge Press

4 color process (pigmented discharge, wb dark brown, pigmented discharge green, and plastisol black) Includes a laser engraved bug in amber keychain, and packed in custom printed (silver metallic ink) black linen envelope.

Limited Edition Tshirt with IronForge Press

Hurricane Wilma online comic now on activate!

"Hurricane Wilma"guest comic on
online comics collective!

I'm excited to announce that my short story "Hurricane Wilma (or How I Stopped Hating and Learned to Love My Neighbor)" will be appearing as a guest comic on the online comic collective "Act-I-vate". I have been a long time fan of the site and am thrilled to be shown among such industry bad asses.

"ACT-I-VATE features original, serialized graphic novels and is updated daily. ACT-I-VATE's select artists produce their signature work sans editorial oversight and offer their personal comix for free to an ever-growing audience of loyal readers. In addition to these high-quality comix, ACT-I-VATE is known for having lifted the veil between creation, creator, and reader by providing a forum for spirited dialogue between audience and auteur. The website confirms one of ACT-I-VATE's core tenets: that the artists and writers of this curated comix community are the optimal providers of intellectual properties and original content."

Read Hurricane WIlma on Act-I-vate and check out all its amazing original works

Omar Angulo on How I met your mother

"Look Ma, I'm on How I Met Your Mother!"
or "Ted Mosby is a Punk Rocker!"

It happened again, I was waiting for dinner and watching a rerun of How I Met Your Mother and there it was, one of the albums I did for Against All Authority. It appears in Season 1, episode 10, titled "The Pineapple Incident."

I was surprised to catch this as Ive become a fan of the show in the last few seasons and never noticed it before cause he no longer lives there. I was also surprised to find that this episode finds a drunk Ted hooking up with none other than DANICA McKELLAR, AKA Winnie Cooper, my teen-hood crush from The Wonder Years!

Funny enough, the album kind of fits Teds character as they have alluded to his "grass roots" past. I did catch one episode where they came across one of his Chumbawamba tapes from the 90's and thought that was funny...(probably Post - Slap!) so there is that punk rock connection to his character.

So now I'm starting to wonder if perhaps Heroes and How I met your mother share the same prop house or if they had the same set designer? I have to admit its pretty cool coming across this from time to time. I suppose I can now say "My work has also appeared on CBS' How I Met Your Mother."


Omar Angulo is NOT a Tea Party Member

The Enemy of my not my friend!
I don't endorse any political party so I was somewhat surprised to find one of my works on this tea party candidates site and I had to ask, "Why is a tea party candidate interested in my work?"

Yes, I know the enemy of my enemy is supposed to be my friend, but I like to chose my friends by more than just what enemies we have in common or for the fact that we may agree one or two political points, not to also mention that the Tea Party has been identity jacked by a conservative party taking advantage of everyone's fear.. (Radical conservatives in disguise) I don't trust democrats, I don't trust republicans and I most certainly don't trust the tea party!!!!!!!

In the words of Crass:
"...So don't think you can fool me with your political tricks
political right, political left, you can keep your politics
government is government and all government is force
left or right, right or left, it takes the same old course
oppression and restriction, regulation, rule and law
the seizure of that power is all your revolution's for..."

-Crass "Bloody Revolutions

the enemy of my friend is my enemy my friend


August 2010 movie log

Amazon Top Punk Albums!
Two of my Album covers for Against All Authority made it into Amazon's "Punk Rock 101: Essential Punk Rock" list.

Ok, I have to drop the disclaimer:
I think lists like these are mostly crap! lol.. I mean..theres a lot of stuff missing in that list, but that being said, I was thrilled to see these guys up there/down there side by side with some of my favorite high school soundtrack providers.
Read the List..

omar on heroes

"Look Ma, I'm on the Heroes!"
I always pay attention to the posters and flyers in the backgrounds of movies and tv. I like to see if the set design matches the character or environment being developed, there has to be a certain authenticity and its obvious to those in the know when its not. For example, in the backgrounds of 80's/90's tv and movie sets there's always that fake graffiti like "Fresh" and "cool" and shit like "Johnny was here" I mean, who wrote that?

Imagine my surprise when catching up on NBC's Heroes, there it was in the episode "One of Us, One of Them" I spotted one of my old album covers for Against All Authority. I think it makes sense that Micah (a technopath) would be into AAA's ideas and the fact that he constantly uses his ability to defy the law and aid in fugitives escape..I believe I can now (jokingly) say "My work has appeared on NBC's Heroes!?"



Gig Posters Volume 1:
Rock Show Art of the 21st Century

One my poster collaborations made it into the Iron Forge Press bio in the first Gigposters book! Includes 101 perforated and ready-to-hang posters along with hundreds of other poster images and designer biographies. Packaged in an oversized 11-by-14-inch paperback. Over 100 designers included. Read More



EarSplitters Collective Showcase
That Bear headed crack head shaman's gonna hit you up for some change at the entrance to Hades. Bird skulls, claws, syringes, feathers and beads, shaman of all cultures rock the hottest gear!

I was psyched to work on the poster for the first Annual SXSW Ear Splitters Showcase 2010!!! featuring Nanda Devi, Hellas Mounds, Empires, Adai, Junius, Caltrop, Toad, Haarp, Savagist, Power Pellut, Cloud Burial, The Atlas Moth, Yakuza, Struck By Lightning, Snake Sustaine, East Of The Wall, City of Ships, Goes Cube, Hull, Javelina and Battlefield. Check out the Ear/Splitters Poster!








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